We are a strongly trusted Group that was establised in 1980s. We create trust based relations with our business partners and among our employees. We, as a Group, always have courage to step in the unknown; We believe, the way to success and to make a difference will be through stepping in the unknown. We are good at communication and use it effectively in our undersigning the proper solutions by feeding the proper energy in business processes. We reflect our positive energy in our professional relations by considering spontaneity and smiling as the bases


We care about our Environment

We meet and aim to exceed all applicable environmental regulations and operate in a manner that protects the quality of our environment. We achieve continuous improvement in reducing/eliminating waste generated to all media-land, air, and water.


We react empathically towards needs and demands. We try to understand people’s thoughts and feel their emotions. We respect various perspectives, different cultures and even contradictory voices.


The World is changing, and following these changes is not enough. One should be involved in initiating these changes. Fulfilling people’s needs is a fundamental duty. But our real job is to make products and services beyond their needs, to create values for their lifes.


We do business with passion. We aim the quality in products and services. With passion, we aim quick results and go ahead fast. But we calculate the risk and we always work for the best result.


We always assume responsibility of actions. We know that keeping our promises is necessary to gain confidence, and we arrange every step according to this idea. When our sphere of influence enlargers we know that we have develop ourselves.